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  • Screen Printing

  • Screen printing is a printing technique which uses a woven mesh (screen) to support an ink-blocking stencil to receive a desired image. The screen forms open and closed areas of mesh through which the ink can be pressed. A squeegee is moved across the screen stencil, forcing or pushing ink into the mesh openings and transfers the ink onto various clothing items such as tshirts, windcheaters, pants, shirts, jackets and more.

    We use several different methods of screen printing:


    Plastisol printing provides a sharp and consistent print with strong and vibrant colours that can be applied to almost all garments. Colours can be produced exactly to match the Pantone Colour Chart. Plastisol screen printing provides a soft feel finish with a long lasting quality print.

    Waterbase, RTU and Supercover

    Water based inks are regularly used for printing darker colours onto lighter coloured garments as they penetrate the fabric further than the plastisol inks to create a much smoother finish and softer feel. Supercover screen printing also allows for colours to be successfully printed onto darker garments.


    Used to print both light and dark garments discharge works by removing the dye in the garment - this means they leave a much softer texture. Exact colours are hard to produce but this screen printing technique is perfect for distressed or vintage prints.


    As its name suggests, glue is printed onto the garment and a foil is applied for a mirror finish (all metallic colours available).